Learn by Cloning

I want to learn many things and some of those are libraries and tools to work with data and visualize it. I will use IPyhton notebooks.

Cloning to learn matplotlib

Matplotlib is the preferred python plotting library for 2D figures and is a very strong open source project. I believe the best way to learn something is by doing. In order to learn matplotlib, without actually having to use it for work or a publication, I will try to reproduce different charts and graphs I see.

  • [Exercise 0] Search terms 'cat', 'dog' and 'fish' from 2012. See it here.

  • [Exercise 1] I found a comparison graph about the most lucrative majors and this is how my clone looks like. link.

  • [Exercise 2] I somehow failed to clone a graph that shows some data about Software Sales from Apple. The topic comes from the news since Apple made available the latest OS X for free. Attempt here
  • [Exercise 3] Simple plot for tablet OS market share. Missing the gradient. Link here