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  1. Small Victories

    Lately I have been working in optimizing and parallelizing the ClusterPy library and at the moment, I can celebrate some 'Small Victories'.

    So far I have been making small changes in places that have huge impact -functions that get called a lot and unnecessary function calling- and the timer now ...

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  2. New year, a note to self

    After being away from the project for the holidays I started again to work on it last week and there is something I have to remember as a note to self: "When taking over a project, finish the new feature first and then improve the project."

    And by improving the ...

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  3. For the next 2.5 months

    The Purdue University (IN, US) is working closely with EAFIT University (ANT, CO) on a project to set up a supercomputer on EAFIT and be able to support some of the current scientific research in Colombia by providing the computational capabilities needed to process large sets of data and the ...

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