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  1. From Octopress to Pelican

    If I want to blog about something the last thing I need is the blogging framework getting in the way.

    I don't blog much, but every time I wanted to write something I had to basically relearn everything about my previous 'blog framework' to get that working.

    I was ...

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  2. Small Victories

    Lately I have been working in optimizing and parallelizing the ClusterPy library and at the moment, I can celebrate some 'Small Victories'.

    So far I have been making small changes in places that have huge impact -functions that get called a lot and unnecessary function calling- and the timer now ...

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  3. New year, a note to self

    After being away from the project for the holidays I started again to work on it last week and there is something I have to remember as a note to self: "When taking over a project, finish the new feature first and then improve the project."

    And by improving the ...

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